Financial Planning

Personalized Financial Planning

We provide comprehensive personalized financial planning. You’ll get advice that is tailored for you and addresses your own concerns. Each plan is built from scratch and built specifically for you.

Objective Advice

Our firm is independently owned and operated and all of our financial advisory services are done on a fee-only basis. That means you never have to worry about paying commissions or conflicts of interest. The advice you get is independent and objective.

Fees and Minimums

It doesn’t matter how much money you have saved or how close you are to retirement – there are no required account sizes or minimum investment amounts.

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and Comfort

You can complete your entire plan right from your own home.  We’ll walk you through the steps and set up a virtual meeting to go over everything. No high pressure sales pitches or spending hours in an office staring at screens.

What’s in the Plan?

We review your info and use simulations to help predict what could happen to your current investments in the future. These calculations help determine what your chances of meeting your goals are. Then we calculate how changing certain aspects of your current plan, such as your projected retirement age, could affect your chances of success. A number of different factors can be altered to highlight their impact on your plans.

We recommend a new plan to maximize your chances of success and review it with you in detail. This includes running any additional scenarios that you may request, so you can have peace of mind that you’re making the right choices no matter what the future brings.

As an optional service, after your plan is completed, we can help you implement the recommendations and suggestions identified in your plan. We can monitor your expenses and cash flow on a monthly basis to help spot areas that might need attention.

Our Standards

You deserve a financial advisor you can trust. Shetland Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor. That’s why we follow the fiduciary standards to make sure your interests always come first.